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CBD (Cannabidiol)

CBD is breaking through the mainstream and slowly becoming known and accepted as a reputable source for relief and wellness creating homeostasis in your body. Providing a safe, legal and effective option for Adults, Kids & Pets alike. Our CBD Oil contains less than the legal limit of naturally derived THC which is 0.3% and does not contain psychoactive properties.

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  • ¡Asombroso! Me quedo dormido tan rápido y duermo muy bien. También noté que mi hígado no es tan duro como era. Estaba muy preocupado por mi hígado.

  • My daughter is a very loving, smart, and driven young lady, unfortunately she is also stressed and has a lot on her plate dealing with school and prepping for her future. I was looking into therapy and all I kept thinking about was the meds they would try on her and it was an emotional few months for me. I decided to talk to Mariel about CBD oil and if it would help at all for my daughter’s issues. She told me it would work perfectly. She sent me plenty of info, didn’t push it on me at all and spoke to me like a friend. I decided to try it and it’s incredible what a difference there is! She’s no longer gloomy, wants to spend time with family and friends, doesn’t lock herself in her room, school isn’t dreaded like before, she has a brighter energy all together. I will be stocking up for my whole family, this will be in our vitamin rotation from now on!!

    Joleen G.
  • I have been using the CBD for almost two months and the results are INCREDIBLE. I feel so much better and sleep so much better too. I use it because I have lots of pain due to ARTHRITIS in my hands and the pain and inflammation is so much better. On a funny side, I went to my hairdresser and he noticed new baby hair growing. This is amazing!

    Jane A.
  • People need to give this a try! It truly works. I've been taking all kinds of pain meds and have suffered with fibromyalgia for most of my life. I can honestly say this oil has truly helped me.

    Mirtha M.
  • I’m extremely skeptical, but this has proven to work with me and my mom. None of my vitamin supplements have ever made such a big difference in my memory and attitude overall. This is definitely legit, and I’m hooked! 

    Carmen O.
  • I have twins who are almost 2 now years old. Ever since I had them my sleeping has been horrible. Lately I would find myself waking up at 3 in the morning and just starring into space unable to go back to sleep. Insomnia at its best. I also recently went to my primary for severe migraines he thought they were caused by anxiety and lack of sleep. He referred me to a neurologist. Shortly after I came across CBD oil cause of my amazing friend Mariel that recommended it. I started taking it and it’s been amazing! No more headaches and anxiety and I’m sleeping so much better!!! I’m also giving it to my son! Liquid gold!!

    Melissa G.
  • Must try product!! I suffer from anxiety and insomnia and the first time trying this product I noticed a difference immediately. I felt calm and relaxed and was able to enjoy my day without getting anxious. I also took it about an hour before going to bed and I slept like a baby! No tossing and turning or trying to fall back asleep! I had a deep and amazing sleep! Thank you, Mariel, for introducing me to this amazing product. I will keep this in my routine for good.

    Kelsey T.
  • Amazing! I fall asleep so fast and sleep so well. I’ve also noticed that my liver is not hard as it was. I was very concerned about my liver.

  • My dog has been doing good with the CBD Oil. Ever since I started giving it to him he has not had any seizures.

    Natalie G.
  • Update from my doctor he checked my A1C and it has dropped from 11/10 to 8 in 3 weeks of using CBD. My hands are no longer getting numb from the carpal tunnel and the pain is much less.

    Juan R.
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