One of the richest elements of hemp, Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Like most natural elements not all cannabinoids are created equal. One of them, cannabidiol (known as CBD), holds the key to a wide variety of therapeutic effects. Our CBD Oil contains less than the legal limit of naturally derived THC which is 0.3% and does not contain psychoactive properties.

What is CBD?


CBD Success Stories

  • I am SO happy with this product. I purchased a bottle of 1500mg for my son who is diagnosed with ADHD and suffers with some pretty bad anxiety. I immediately noticed that his anxiety was managed with this product. My son is more social and less fearful with the help of CBD. He is usually also extremely hyperactive and CBD helps him calm down and focus a little better. I am hoping that with prolonged used we will continue seeing more and more benefits. I was so skeptical and scared to try CBD oil but I am SO happy I did. Highly recommend and you'll feel better about giving your child this than giving him pharmaceuticals. Also, the customer service is amazing and Mariel goes out of her way to educate and assist her clients. Thank you!!!!

    Sasha Gomez
  • My dog has been doing good with the CBD Oil. Ever since I started giving it to him he has not had any seizures.

    Natalie G.
  • Amazing product you are providing. I take it mainly for my digestive system but overall it works for everything in your body. I personally take it in the morning and it keeps me focused. Also I had a toothache and I rubbed some oil on it and it absolutely worked. This stuff is amazing, I honestly recommend it to anyone young or old, healthy or not to give it a shot.

    O. Ferrer

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